An Emirati Movement. By Women, For Women.


Our Mission

No woman should ever be interrupted due to her natural cycle.

We create spaces that are inclusive of womens' menstrual health by providing safe and ultra-hygienic femcare.

Through equipping restrooms with our double packaged sanitary napkins in refillable wall-mounted boxes, we give women the assurance, convenience and peace of mind that they so rightly deserve.

We advocate for our products to be free to access in any spaces women are present.

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Our Vision

In embracing our natural feminine power, we are transforming the sensitive into the radically natural.

We strive to cut through the stigma surrounding periods and normalize menstruation as a healthy and positive part of life.

Coven is more than just a business; we are an Emirati social movement set on creating a more equitable and dignified future for girls and young women.

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Women's Empowerment

Our discreet and hygienic solution supports inclusivity, fosters productivity and convenience free from disruptions, promotes feminine health and wellness by preventing the use of unhealthy alternatives to sanitary pads, and empowers girls and women to safely and confidently go about their daily lives.


Giving Back

We are determined to support women through this platform across the region and beyond.

Coven is more than just products, it's a movement advocating for policy change and inclusion.

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